Now the grooves in barnfels are supposed to fix it again

Now the grooves in barnfels are supposed to fix it again

At the most recent meeting of the obertrubach municipal council, the proposal to establish a play area in the barnfelser burgstrabe was discussed in detail. A written application was submitted, which five residents had signed. Up to now, there have been six very pronounced cross gutters built into the road, which were to be removed in the course of reconstruction work. Three are already gone.

With this, residents feared, traffic could speed up unacceptably. According to the municipality, however, the redesignation as a playground requires that the recreational character of the area prevails. This could happen, for example, with plant drugs. These had to be arranged so that motorists on the road could not travel faster than walking speed.

A uniform traffic surface without distinction between driving area and sidewalk would also be characteristic. But the relatively narrow street doesn't allow for that in terms of space. The city council therefore rejected the request.

"Butterfly" PAID
However, the current condition is to be preserved. That means the remaining cross grooves will not be removed.
Georg schaffer attentively followed the discussion in the obertrubach town hall. Schaffer was one of the residents who signed the application. "I am pleased that the municipal council is open to our concerns. With the preservation of the remaining cross grooves, our goal is achieved", he said.

In fact, the rain gutters in burgstrabe are so pronounced that sensible drivers will let off the gas by themselves.

Two items relating to the obertrubach business park and the "schmetterling-reisen" construction project passed the council smoothly. This is about a left turn lane on the staatsstrabe. This is demanded by the official tram construction office.

The costs will be covered by the company "schmetterling-reisen" at.
As a further change, contrary to the previous plan, the public field and forest path, parcel nr. 376/5, gemarkung obertrubach, should not be abandoned. "Butterfly journeys" wants to leave the original way.

The expansion of the TSC barnfels sports center was once again on the agenda. Managing director peter helldorfer discussed numerous problems. This includes a handicapped-accessible design, which is why the structure is also being extended from its original length of twelve meters to 13 meters now.

Compromise urgently sought
Helldorfer also addressed the problem of leach water. In his statement, KBR reinhard polster called for an underground sewerage system with a capacity of 30 cubic meters. According to the architectural office, a water pipe with hydrant within a radius of 300 meters is sufficient for the requirements.
It is clear that the required loschwasserbehalter would be difficult to shoulder financially. Now the people of obertrubach want to find a solution together with the KBR.